Carol Bustos-Santiago

Carol Bustos-SantiagoCarol Bustos-Santiago is a Manila-born Offsite Content Editor based in California. Childhood dreams of being a diplomat urged her to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies with a Major in European Languages from De La Salle University. However, the tainted politics, both in the local and international arenas, developed her aversion from a career she once believed is right for her.

An opportunity to provide web material for a travel website through a Business Process Outsourcing company awakened her love for writing from its long slumber. Before she knew it, she was engaging herself in a profession that once toyed in her head as a child.

Her role as an Offsite Content Editor for an Internet Marketing firm has allowed her to broaden her knowledge of copywriting/editing, business industries and the Internet itself. She has written website content, press releases and other materials for companies of various industries.

Due to the technical nature of her job, she maintains a number of blogs where she can unleash the creative writer in her. One of which is, a brainchild she shares with her sister, which ultimately imparts their (mis)adventures as women whether in marriage, parenting, friendship or life, in general. With the goal of building a community in mind, it has published various contributions about motherhood, domestic duties, career and recipes, to name some, from its readers.

She is a dyslexic who is involved in a love affair with books, a music enthusiast, an underground supporter (and the devil’s advocate of pop culture, with the exception of pop art), social media junkie, movie buff, nocturnal company keeper and a hole-in-the-wall hunter, among other things.

Need to know more? Ask.

Gtalk: fcbsantiago
YM: fcbsantiago1
Skype: carol.bustos.santiago


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