The rainy season is in, which means mosquitoes are more prone to appear because of stagnant water everywhere. Aside from lathering up on insect repellents and putting on patches, here are three ways to ward off the little buzzers.

Wear light-colored clothes.
Dark or brightly-colored clothing makes you more visible to mosquitoes. Pansiri Kulanartsiri, the Deputy Health Minister of Thailand, suggests that people should avoid wearing black leggings or any kind of dark clothing so as not to attract mosquitoes. "Wear thick clothing like jeans, particularly during this period," Pansiri says, noting that mosquitoes can bite through thin fabrics.

Avoid the mosquitoes’ peak hours.
If you’re planning to go out for a picnic, take note of the critters' schedule. Jonathan Day, PhD, a mosquito expert at the University of Florida, says that mosquitoes go out to feed during dusk and dawn–the times when the winds are low.

Make use of the wind
Whether that’s a fan or natural wind, Day says that anything above one MPH makes it difficult for mosquitoes to fly. He suggests that you keep the flow of air directed to your lower body since mosquitoes tend to fly close to the ground to avoid the breeze.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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