According to a study featured on Science Daily, those who are physically active may be more likely to grow old without any health problems.

Researchers reached this concluscion when they analyzed the amount of exercise 3,500 older adults had in relation to their physical and mental health.

After eight years, the research team declared that four out of ten of the participants were diagnosed with a long-term condition, almost one in five developed depression, one in five had cognitive impairment, and one-third of the entire group had a disability.

However, one in five was reported to have aged healthily. These individuals were found to have a regular exercise regimen. The results further reveal that those who did moderate or vigorous exercises at least once a week were four times more likely to age with little to no health problems as compared with their sedentary counterparts, while those who remained physically active from the beginning until the end of the study increased their chances of growing old healthy by sevenfold.

The authors conclude that it may be best to “engage older adults in physical activity, even those who are of advanced age.” In order to fully enjoy the benefits of exercise, it’s best to first consult a health professional.

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