It's not that he doesn't care; it's just that he doesn't swing that way--genetically, of course. But before you chew your boyfriend out (or whoever it is you're currently at odds with) because of his lack of empathy, you might want to read about this new study first. According to new research, people are just more inclined to feel affection or compassion when they possess a specific gene variant that affects the receptor for oxytocin (otherwise known as the love hormone). While this hormone is an important factor in the relationship between friends, lovers, and families, not everyone can maximize its full potential.

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According to the study, those who have two G variants in their genetic makeup have better chances of influencing the receptor for oxytocin. These are the same people who are generally more cooperative and compassionate than those with, say, two copies of the A genetic variant. In one experiment, researchers videotaped 23 couples to verify their theory. For every pair, one person was asked to talk about a time of personal distress while the other listened and reacted the way they normally would. Afterward, 116 people were asked to watch 20-second versions of the videos minus the audio and rate how supportive the participants seemed.

Results revealed that of the 10 who were ranked most supportive, six possessed the GG variant. Meanwhile, of the 10 who were voted least supportive, nine possessed two copies of the A genetic variant. Interestingly, researchers also noticed that men who possessed the GG genotype were more easily seen as compassionate and loving compared to the women.


While the study is consistent with other previous studies done on the topic, there are still a lot of other factors that could affect a person's disposition. Culture, for example, still reigns supreme in certain parts of the world. A person's childhood and upbringing can also determine how supportive and nurturing a person would one day become.

For tips on keeping things hot and fresh between you and your guy, these might help you out:

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