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"Turning Off" Certain Genes May Help Slow Down Aging

A breakthrough in genetics inspired by the positive effects of calorie restriction on aging can "turn off" certain genes and identify old genes as new.

Beer May Increase Your Life Expectancy, Says Study

New research shows that a pint of beer may keep your cells healthy.

The Effects of Folic Acid Deficiency May Span Generations, Says Study

Research shows that a lack of folic acid may put you and your descendants at risk for a wide range of developmental abnormalities.

A Mediterranean Diet May Lower Stroke Risk in Individuals Predisposed to the Condition

If you have a family history of stroke, researchers recommend shifting to a healthier diet.

Fit Dads May Avoid Passing the Obesity Gene on to Their Kids

Encourage your man to get in shape for his and your children's health.

Exercise May Change Your DNA for the Better

If you think your exercise regimen isn't working, think again-you may just not be seeing the changes.

Eating Carrots May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

If you think that you're genetically inclined to having type 2 diabetes due to your family's medical history, then this comes as good news.

Regularly Drinking Sugary Beverages May Amplify Your Genetic Risk of Obesity

That glass of iced tea you have with every lunch isn't just giving you a sugar high--it's also rewiring your genes.

Study Suggests Your Genes Could Affect How Kind You Are

Research shows that there are people who are naturally kind even when in threatening situations.

Genetics May Play a Role in Our Obesity Problems

Research shows that two of our genes may be responsible for our poor eating habits.

Genetics Could Be Responsible for How You Show Affection

Research shows that some people are genetically inclined to be more caring than others.

Hair Fall Patrol: 14 Causes of Excessive Hair Loss and How to Avoid Them

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