Fruits and vegetables are good for your health–so good that they may even reduce the risk of death from certain diseases.

In a large-scale study reported by Science Daily, researchers from 10 different countries analyzed the history of 10,438 cancer and 5,125 cardiovascular disease deaths among 451,151 participants.

Based on their findings, it appears that regular intake of fruits and vegetables amounts to overall wellness, effectively lowering the risk of mortality. In fact, consuming more than 569 grams of fruits and vegetables a day may reduce the chances of death by 10 percent and delay mortality risk by 1.12 years. Every additional consumption of 200 grams may also lower the risk by 6 percent.

Higher fruit and vegetable intake may lower the risk of mortality by as much as 30 to 40 percent in those who drink and 20 percent in those who are obese.

Researchers say that these benefits may be caused by the antioxidative properties of fruits and vegetables, which may counter the oxidative stress encountered by the body. So if you’re looking for something to snack on, stick to healthy choices.


(Photo by Ella Novak via Flickr Creative Commons)

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