If you think that feeling guilty about eating that extra cupcake will keep you from doing it again, then you're mistaken. The Huffington Post reports that guilt associated with indulgence is actually an indication of poor self-control.

Researchers from the University of Canterbury asked 300 volunteers between the ages 18 and 86 whether they associated chocolate cake with either celebration or guilt. Seventy-three percent linked the treat with celebration, while 27 percent connected it with guilt.

Those who thought of chocolate cake as a guilty pleasure were found to be less successful with their weight loss program in a span of three months as compared with those who related it with a happy occasion. Results showed that they also weren’t any more motivated to lose weight than their more carefree counterparts.

So if you slipped and sneaked a decadent slice of cake while on a diet, don't dwell on guilt. Banish any feelings of negativity and focus on getting back on track instead.

(Photo by emily dp via Flickr Creative Commons)

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