Those dark, puffy circles under your eyes can sometimes be a hassle to cover up. Don’t you wish you didn’t have them in the first place? Most people attribute them to fatigue, but they can also be caused by factors other than staring at your computer screen for long periods. Here are several reasons why your eye bags just don’t seem to disappear:

1. Allergies
Getting your allergies triggered can result in “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” or an increase in melanin, causing the under-eyes to darken. This also happens when you’re down with the flu.

2. Age
As you grow older, the tissues and muscles around your eyes weaken, making your skin lose its elasticity. Collagen degrades and gravity does its job too well by making everything sag -- including the fat stored in that area -- causing bags.

3. Thin skin
Everyone has thinner skin around their eyes. Fair complexion can make it seem slightly more translucent, making muscles and blood vessels beneath your eyes more visible.

4. Fluid retention
Do you have too much salt in your diet? Or maybe your hormone levels are fluctuating? These can cause fluid retention, which settles in different parts of your body, including your eyes.

5. Too much caffeine

Better take it easy on the coffee, as the caffeine it contains can cause mild dehydration, which can make the shadows under your peepers more visible.

Although your eye bags won’t disappear overnight, simple lifestyle changes can gradually reduce them. Getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, and lessening salt and caffeine in your diet can help. You can also choose the right cosmetic product for you to conceal them. For more solutions from your fellow readers, join the discussion on GIRLTalk.

Sources: WebMD, Mayo Clinic

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