Visits to pediatricians are a must for young children. Physical checkups, especially for toddlers, help doctors establish a proper medical history as well as catch early signs of motor delay problems.

A study published in the journal American Academy of Pediatrics and featured on Medical News Today encourages the evaluation of children for any motor-related issues at nine, 18, and 30 months. This includes observing how they walk, climb stairs, grasp objects, put objects in a container, scribble, and draw. Reportedly, early detection may help both parents and doctors consider different kinds of interventions and special education resources.

Co-author Nancy Murphy, MD, FAAP, notes, "By watching kids move and play during physical examinations, you can quickly detect those who need a bit more attention, and early recognition can lead to medical and functional interventions that optimize outcomes."

(Photo by jasleen_kaur via Flickr Creative Commons)

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