Impaired brain metabolism is typically associated with old age and the onset of type 2 diabetes. Dementia, loss of cognitive function--these are part of the degenerative process. However, researchers have discovered that there may be a way to keep the condition from happening or, at least, worsening. A new study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience is saying that drinking coffee may be the key to improving insulin resistance and glucose utilization--two things that keep the brain healthy.


The researchers used decaffeinated coffee for the study after concluding that any ill effects that could be gotten from coffee was possibly from high caffeine content. The test was done on mice who were given a type 2 diabetes-inducing diet. They were then regularly given decaffeinated coffee for a period of five months. Afterward, researchers realized that the dose allowed the brain to utilize the glucose for brain cellular energy. Considering that patients of diabetes have very low glucose utilization in the brain, the results are certainly promising.

For more studies about coffee, check these out:

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