Article_Depression_MargaritaHolmes.jpgDr. Margarita Go-Singco Holmes opens her new book, "Down to One: Depression Stories" with this dedication: "This is for the girl I used to be 33 years ago, when I had my first major depressive episode."

The book is divided into sections that can help readers rate, recognize and, hopefully, acknowledge whether or not what they are feeling is clinical depression and what help is out there for them. The book also includes stories from personalities (among them Lore Reyes, Patis Tesoro and Peque Gallaga) about their bouts with depression.

Dr. Holmes also realizes the link between severe depression and suicide, and in the last part of her book, discusses several suicide myths. The following excerpt addresses two of the more popular myths about suicide:

1. People who talk about suicide do not attempt it.

An overwhelming majority of those who attempt suicide (over 80 percent) have talked to someone before killing themselves.

2. Completers (those who successfully complete their suicide as opposed to those who merely attempt) hide their intentions from other people.

Majority of people (about 80 percent, based on one research) who complete suicide give warning signs, although the warnings may not be obvious. (Granelo and Granello, 2007)

In addition to references about suicide in conversation, references to suicide in drawings sculptures, school essays, poems, blogs or notes should be considered possible causes to a person's intentions.


Published by Anvil Publishing, Inc., Down to One is now available in all leading bookstores.


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(Book cover and author's photo courtesy of Dr. Margarita Holmes)

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