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This Is What You Say to a Friend Who Says He Wants to Kill Himself

Psychologists share the best course of action to take when your friend is about to take his or her life.

Single Mom Commits Suicide Via Facebook Live

Kiane Shannon Sophie Cañares, 21, leaves behind her three-year-old daughter.

Did Charice Try to Kill Herself?

The former X Factor Philippines judge refutes rumors that she slashed her wrists because of financial troubles.

Drinking Coffee May Lower Risk of Suicide

Caffeine found in coffee may help prevent suicidal tendencies caused by depression.

Having Little Physical Activity at Age 18 May Increase Suicide Risk Later on in Life

Swedish researchers reveal an interesting link between exercise and our emotional development.

Daiana Menezes Speaks Up on Benjo Benaldo's Alleged Suicide Attempt

The Brazilian actress says her husband's reported suicide attempt was not related to their marital problems.

Man Jumps to His Death on MRT Tracks

An apparent suicide stopped the MRT operations on the morning of May 8.

People with Severe Headaches Are More Likely to Commit Suicide

Research shows that migraines and headaches are factors that increase suicide rate.

Kids Who Have Been Bullied or Are Bullies Are More Prone to Suicidal Thoughts

Research shows that bullying does have a negative effect on a person's psyche.

Tyron Perez Allegedly Commits Suicide, Wanted StarStruck Batch 1 Reunion before His Death

The actor's StarStruck batchmates talk about his efforts to get them together in a guesting on Startalk TX.

Facebook's New App Might Help Lower Suicide Rate

Facebook opens up a new channel for troubled individuals to get help from.

Down to One: Depression Stories by Dr. Margarita Go-Singco Holmes

One of the country's most recognizable names in the field of mental health has new book on recognizing, addressing and treating depression.

Kim Chiu refutes rumored suicide attempt + 5 ways to check if a friend is in a depression danger zone

People speculated Kim Chiu tried to take her own life post-Gerald Anderson. Do you suspect a friend to be depressed in a similar way? Some signs to watch for.

Cesar Montano and Toni Rose Gayda Mourn the Loss of Their Children: Was It Suicide?

As the country grieves with two stars, we are left to wonder about their children's cause of death.

On Lyka Ugarte's 4th Suicide Attempt: When Depression Turns Deadly

Beauty, brains, fame and fortune were not enough to keep this former sexy star on top of the world. What drove a woman like her to attempt suicide four times?