A study featured on MedicalNewsToday.com has revealed that having your daily fill of healthy sandwiches may protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers from the University of Arizona led by Professor Rafael Llorach Ramon Cajal investigated the benefits of daily white or whole wheat bread consumption and their relation to having a healthy lipid profile.

Working with around 275 older adults who were at risk for cardiovascular disease, researchers found that those who regularly ate bread had healthier lipid profiles and lower insulin levels than those who didn’t, effectively lowering their risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. They also saw higher rates of the metabolite involved in lipid (fatty acid) metabolism in those who did, which helped lower lipid levels.

The key to getting these cardiovascular benefits is to consume bread every day--it won’t work if you only eat sporadically. What’s great is that aside from keeping your heart healthy, bread with folate can also help prevent depression. Moderation is important, though, as consuming more than 28 portions of bread (that’s 14 to 20 sandwiches per week) may increase your risk of developing kidney cancer, so eat just enough of it to stay healthy.

What you can do is to skip one rice meal a day and replace it with a healthy sandwich. You may also opt to have your breakfast with warm pan de sal dunked in coffee. These meals not only make your tummy happy, but your heart as well.

(Photo by Moyan Brenn via Flickr Creative Commons)

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