Here's why coffee is best taken in the morning. Researchers from the Wayne State University in Detroit reveal that drinking 400 mg or two to three cups of joe hours before bedtime may disrupt your beauty sleep.

In a study featured on Science Daily, 12 individuals who were normally healthy sleepers were given three pills a day for four days containing 400 mg of caffeine. These were taken six hours, three hours, and right before bedtime. For comparison, placebos were given on one of the four days.

The results showed that a cup of caffeine six hours before hitting the sack may still keep you from getting a proper shut-eye.

“Drinking a big cup of coffee on the way home from work can lead to negative effects on sleep just as if someone were to consume caffeine closer to bedtime,” explains lead author Christopher Drake. “People tend to be less likely to detect the disruptive effects of caffeine on sleep when taken in the afternoon.”

For a good night's rest, researchers recommend avoiding coffee after 5:00 P.M.

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(Photo by waferboard via Flickr Creative Commons)

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