good_posture_princess_diaries.jpgFN moms, here's one more good reason for you to encourage good posture in your kids: it makes them stronger (this applies to you too)! According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, people who assume dominant postures experience less sensitivity to pain compared to those who adopt submissive or neutral ones.

The results of the research conducted by Scott Wiltermuth, assistant professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, and Vanessa K. Bohns, postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, show that if you adopt a dominant pose, you feel "more powerful" and "in control."

Among their other findings was that curling into a ball when you're in pain doesn't help alleviate it, as many believe. In fact, you're more likely to feel more aches because of it. This is because, the researchers say, your submissive stance shows that you're already "anticipating pain."

"Instead, try sitting or standing up straight, pushing your chest out, and expanding your body," the researchers suggest. "These behaviors can help create a sense of power and control that may in turn make the procedure more tolerable."

According to Wiltermuth and Bohns, this also applies to emotional situations like recalling bad memories (e.g., breakups). Literally keeping your chin up and standing up straight might be the key to relieving your pain, FNites, so keep this new information in mind the next time you feel distressed.

Proper posture also helps prevent back pain. Get more tips for taking care of your back here:
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