Here’s one more reason why mothers should try breast-feeding: according to a study published in the New York Times, breast milk may increase brain development in infants.

Experts from Brown University in the US used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study 133 healthy children from ages 10 months to four years. The kids were separated into three groups: those who were exclusively breast-fed, those who were exclusively formula-fed, and those who were fed both ways.

The results showed those who consumed more breast milk had greater development in their brain’s white matter, as well as in regions related to planning, social and emotional functioning and language.” Children who were breast-fed more often also performed better on motor and visual tests.

Although there are many other factors that could affect a baby’s mental progress such as parental techniques and environment, this goes to show that breast-feeding still remains as one of the best and most natural things a mother can do in order to promote her child’s growth. Breast milk contains nutrients ideal for infants, and other benefits include reduced risk of obesity and asthma.

(Photo by jeffthebear via Flickr Creative Commons)

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