Looking and smelling fresh 24/7 is a big deal for us Pinays. Just try raiding a top shelf of a typical household and you’ll find massive amounts of toiletries that clean and scent-sationalize the whole bod. After all, we live in a tropical country, so every skin care arsenal would be incomplete a without a trusty deo to fight and prevent underarm odor from seeping out.

Although the unwanted mixture of sweat and bacteria produce that nasty, unwanted stench, Prevention.com reveals that there is more to it, as health problems and stress could actually fire up the funk.

George Preti, organic chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, has devoted his career to the nature and origins of human odor. He shares that our body odor could reflect how healthy we are. For example, a person who's afflicted with trimethylaminuria (TMAU), a rare metabolic disease that is characterized by the individual’s inability to metabolize trimethylemine (a byproduct of gut metabolism), could release a particularly different scent.

"It's out of the ordinary. In the bad cases, the individual will produce a rotting fish or garbage-y smell perceptible at social distances,” he explains.


You might also want to change your working habits after reading this, as stress magnifies one's normal degree of body odor. Just always remember this, "Tension produces the stink." The secretion of the hormone apocrine increases its levels when one is agitated, so consider taking a deep breath or counting 1–10 before you flare up. This practice is not just for your sanity but for your natural scent, too.

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For people who sweat like they're born with mini faucets in their pores,they could go for extra strong anti-perspirants that are available in the market. Deodorants, on the other hand, mask the foul odor with fragrances. Botox treatments on the pits also freeze the sweat glands from acting up.

And to end all theories that body odor is caused by a curry or spicy food diet, there are no studies that prove such speculations. People sometimes mix up body odor with bad breath, making everyone jump into conclusions. So if you're a lover of spicy masala, bid goodbye to your ‘exotic’ breath by anointing your tongue with two drops of peppermint essential oil three times a day.


(Photo by Sarah Simmons via Flickr Creative Commons)

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