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Body Odor Linked to Health Issues

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New Study: Give Your Kids a Healthy Childhood for Career Success Later in Life

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New Study: Regular Exercise at a Moderate Level as Beneficial as Intensive Workouts

Research says that consistency, more than intensity, is key to reaping the long-term benefits of exercise.

New Study: Sexually Anxious Men, Women in Unhappy Relationships More Likely to Cheat

Research shows sexual personality is a big factor in matters of infidelity.

New Study: Having an Impulsive Personality Could Be Piling on Pounds

Research shows personality could play a role in determining body weight.

New Study: Working Men Get More Exercise Than Working Women

Research shows men who work get more physical activity than women who work, as do non-working women.

New Study: Slimmer Wives Make for Happier Marriages

Research suggests that women who weigh less than their husbands have happier unions.

New Study: A low-carb diet may reduce your risk of cancer

Can a change of eating habits really lower the risk of getting cancer? Research suggests it could be possible.

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5 Tips on Raising a Bright Girl Who Doesn't Buckle under Pressure

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