Air pollution is not something parents should take lightly. If adults are affected by it, then imagine the damage it can cause babies.

A study conducted by Dr. Göran Pershagen and his team of researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden reveals that the effects of air pollution can stick with a child for years on end. Recently featured on, the study involved collating data of over 1,900 children who were regularly monitored for eight years. Information came from questionnaires given to parents as well as several health check-ups given to the young participants.

A specific mathematical formula was used to calculate every child’s probable exposure to air pollution based on the locations of the participants' homes, schools, and day care centers. The researchers discovered that children who were most affected by air pollution during their first year were more likely to develop weaker lungs. This condition seems to be more prevalent in boys than in girls and to those who have been more exposed to food and air allergens in their younger years.

Dr. Pershagen concludes, "Our study shows that early exposure to traffic-related air pollution has long-term adverse effects on respiratory health in children... These results add to a large body of evidence demonstrating the detrimental effects of air pollution on human health."

It’s hard to avoid air pollution. The best that we can do for our children is to arm them with the proper food and supplements that can help boost their immune and respiratory systems. Vitamin C can help reduce the effects of airborne allergens, so stock up on fruits such as lemons, oranges, and even strawberries. For other tips on how to protect your children’s health, visit GIRLTalk for opinions of other FNite mothers.

(Photo by Jeffery DelViscio via Flickr Creative Commons)

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