Closure is something you commonly hear in relation to breakups. But an interesting study recently featured on Forbes says closure can be applied to other aspects of decision-making as well.

Researchers from the London Business School worked with a group of consumers who were asked to pick one piece of chocolate from a plate of 24, which has initially been placed under a cake dome. Half of the participants were tasked to do an act of closure by covering the rest of the chocolates with the cake dome after choosing. The others were asked to eat their pick, while the rest of the chocolates were left uncovered.

After the exercise, the participants were surveyed about how satisfied they were with their choice. Those who covered the remaining chocolates reported feeling happier with what they picked as compared with those who didn't.

The study authors conclude, "Physical acts of closure enable consumers to perceive a difficult decision as complete and limit their tendency to compare their selection with the options they have rejected. Since such comparisons tend to be unfavorable, closure triggered by acts of closure will increase consumer satisfaction when there are many choices."

So do yourself a favor--the next time you make a decision, try accompanying it with an act of closure. It may not only make you more satisfied with your choice, but it may also help you stick with it.

(Photo by hotholler via Flickr Creative Commons)

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