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Shared Decision-Making with Doctors May Help Patients Make Better Health Choices

Actively participating in the healing process may lessen anxieties of patients and help them make better decisions about themselves.

Acts of Closure Can Make Decision-Making More Satisfying

Doing something physical that symbolizes the finality of a choice can help you feel happier.

"Process Praise" May Boost Your Child's Decision-Making Skills

Giving proper positive feedback may help your child handle difficult situations in the future.

Thinking in a Foreign Language May Make You More Analytical

A study shows that speaking in a foreign language may make you process things more analytically and be inclined to to take more risks.

Choosing Joy: Make Happier Choices by Measuring Their Opportunity Costs

Before spending time, money, and effort on something you think you'll enjoy, consider other chances for happiness you could be giving up.

Spending vs Saving: 7 Ways to Discuss Finances with Your Significant Other

Your finances don't always have to be a source of conflict between you and your guy. Check out these tips on dealing with money issues when you're married.