Losing weight and vowing to eat right can be difficult, but you're not the only one who's struggling with it. Here, seven thoughts you and every other health conscious woman have had while trying to get in shape.

"This is it."
You’ve always wanted to stay fit and healthy–but this time, you’re determined to finish what you started.

"All I want is a proper sports bra! Is that so hard to ask?"
Whether you’re flat-chested or busty, it's always a challenge to find the right bra to keep your boobs from moving too much. #Hassle

"Where should I sign up for my gym membership?"

You can't decide whether to pick the one nearest your office or the one that’s just a couple of blocks away from your house.

"Whom can I force invite to be my fitness buddy?"
Group message, sent.

You’re doing your best to eat healthy but then, your sister comes home with a box of doughnuts, or worse, pizza. "I guess it’s cheat day today.

"I can’t wait to post my gym selfies on IG!"
You’ve managed to master the perfect angle for your gym #ootd at home.

"Work hard, play hard!"
You’ve reserved your Saturdays for gym time–even though you’re already working out at the gym three times a week.

"Payat na ba ako?”"
Girl, you just started, but with a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise, you’ll reach your target weight just in time.

PHOTO: Flickr/Creative Commons (David C); GIFS: Giphy

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