A person normally loses 60 to 100 strands of hair in a day, but if you see unusually thick clumps left on your brush, there may be other reasons why your tresses aren’t as healthy as they should be. Factors that affect the health of your scalp can include something as simple and fixable as a bad hair product or something more complicated and unavoidable such as prescription drugs. Filtering out genes, hormones, and diseases, below are seven probable reasons as to why you’re losing your locks.


1. Pollution
Believe it or not, the smog that weaves through your hair during your commute can cause shedding. A study featured on Daily Mail reports that air pollution contains toxins that can keep your scalp from producing the nutrients it needs to create strong strands. As pollution isn’t something that can easily be escaped, the best thing you can do is to regularly wash your hair while compensating with a healthy diet.

2. Lack of protein
If you eat way too many sweets and junk food and forget to get your daily dose of protein, chances are, you’ve got thinning hair. Hair is made of a protein called keratin, and if you don’t have enough of it, your body forgoes the creation of strands and portions the little of it that you have for more important processes. This makes you shed strands faster than you’re actually growing.

Pack on protein by eating the right amount of fish, eggs, milk, chicken, and nuts daily.

3. Stress
According to Health.com, any form of physical stress, including illness, surgery, or even drastic weight loss, can cause telogen effluvium, a condition wherein your scalp goes into hyperdrive and sheds before it’s time to do so. Psychological stress can also cause you to lose strands due to factors such as loss of appetite and sleep.

If your body has recently undergone trauma, whether physically or psychologically, the best thing to do is to ask for the support of your doctor and to give yourself time to heal. Hair fall will lessen as you recover.

4. Lack of exercise
During the recent launch of Novuhair’s newest formulation of 19 natural ingredients, Dr. Edwin A. Bien explained that proper circulation is important in maintaining scalp health and stimulating hair growth. A sedentary lifestyle causes poor blood flow, which limits the amount of oxygen that reaches the scalp and slows down the creation of new strands. With exercise, you get better circulation, and in turn, stronger tresses.

5. Medication
Medication for hypertension, allergies, and pain can trigger excessive hair fall. Although this side effect cannot be avoided, compensating with clean living and the proper product can help lessen it.

6. Hair habits
Forget about the belief that brushing your hair 100 times every night can result in healthy locks. Way too much stimulation can actually weaken the hair strands which can cause them to easily break. You should also lay off on the perming, the coloring, and the straightening once in a while and give your locks a breather.

7. Hair products
A lot of hair products these days contain chemicals that may be harmful to your scalp in the long run. Make it a habit to regularly change shampoos and conditioners, or better yet, use products that have natural ingredients, as these are gentler and more nourishing than most.

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