The truth is, majority of women in the whole entire world struggle with those extra bumps on the behind. Cellulite is the result of subcutaneous fat cells found beneath the skin that protrudes through the weakened net-shaped connective tissue, giving the skin its dimpled appearance. So first of all, it’s absolutely normal! And second, you are definitely not alone. But, if you find that it hampers on your self-esteem or gets you anxious about beach season, you might want to check out these few tricks that will help you smoothen out your lumpy situation.


1. Exercise.

From the age of 25, women who don’t exercise regularly lose an average of 5 pounds of muscle and gain 15 pounds of fat in a decade. That means, if you don’t start moving now, your fat cells may just keep multiplying, making your derriere look more lumpy as the years go by. Try this routine three times a week to help you tone the muscles under your skin. Alternate it with three days of cardio to really make your skin look more taught.

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2. Modify your diet.

Eating food high in salt and trans fat (i.e. anything deep fried or processed) causes fat cells to swell, thereby making cellulite more prominent.  Increase your fiber intake by eating more fruits and vegetables to help remove toxins and waste that promote inflammation.


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3. Brush it out.

Poor circulation is also one of the major causes of cellulite. Exfoliate your problem areas with a dry brush daily before showering to stimulate circulation and break up the trapped fluids under the skin. Although there is no real cure to cellulite, dry brushing can definitely help in minimizing the appearance of those unwanted dimples.


4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Dry skin can cause those dimples on your butt and thighs to look worse. Moisturize twice daily to strengthen your skin and support collagen production that is responsible for the health of your connective tissues. Try using Nivea Good-Bye Cellulite Fast Acting Serum or Avon Anew Clinical Professional Cellulite Treatment that contain vitamins and minerals that can help reduce that orange peel look.


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5. Look into non-invasive professional treatments

Genetics can also play a role in the development of cellulite and sometimes, desperate times call for professional measures. Although tempting, surgical procedures such as liposuction can only make the lumps on your skin worse. Opt for non-invasive services like the FDA-approved Endermologie Treatment that help eliminate fat and smoothen your skin. Positive results may show as soon as after 8 sessions.

Camille Romero is a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. For classes and consultations, contact her at


Got other tricks up your sleeve not mentioned here? We would love to hear it! Post a comment to let us know your tips.

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