Sticking to a diet or exercise routine while traveling can be difficult. We’re not always booked at a hotel with a fully-equipped gym and let’s face it: even if we are, many of us would rather see the sights or lounge around by the pool with a cocktail in hand. It is, after all, a vacation. Keeping fit is therefore quite the challenge but it need not be impossible to achieve. For as little as five minutes, you can keep a routine going even while on holiday. Nothing sucks more than losing the motivation to workout once you’re back to your daily grind.


1. Squats

Form is important so make sure that you stand with your feet hip-width apart. No more and no less. Push that booty back as you sink low making sure that your chest is tall and straight. Come right back up and squeeze those glutes while you're at it. Do this for 30 seconds to a minute.

2. Squat Pulses

Go back to that low squat position, keeping your form still in check. Stay low and pulse while holding that seated squat position. Move slightly up and down as if riding a horse. Keep your movements slow and steady while focusing on tightening your core as you go. Don’t underestimate this seemingly simple move 'cause believe me baby, you're gonna feel that slow burn rising up. If you feel your legs cramping up, go back up to a standing position and shake out those arms and legs to get the blood flowing.

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3. Side Lunges

After you get in position, slowly sink slow, taking a lateral step to your right. Keep the toes pointed forward as you extend your left knee. The weight should be driven towards your right side, knees and hips flexed while maintaining the correct posture. Refrain from hanging your head low, look forward and keep your spine and chest nice and straight. Return to standing position and repeat the move on the left side. Do this for 30 seconds to one minute.

4. Reverse Lunges

With your hands on your hips, bring your right leg behind your hip. Your right knee should drop to the ground and then come back up as you stand tall. Try and squeeze your backside and your core when making your way to the top. Switch to the other leg and do this for 30 to 60 seconds.

5. Side to Side Plank Jumps


Begin in a plank position. Align your wrists to be under your shoulders. From this position, jump with both feet together to your right side, jump back to starting position, and then jump to the left. Your upper body should remain in the plank position while you jump from side to side. Keep at it for a good 30 seconds or more to get that heart rate nice and going while strengthening your core.

Don’t forget to shake off those arms and legs during cool down. And take regular sips of water in between sets. Plus points if you can up your game and do this for 15 - 30 minutes before grabbing that free hotel breakfast buffet.

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