voices_moms_day.jpgMom’s the word! This weekend, mothers the world over will be celebrated as the most selfless, wonderful women in the human race. Many of us take it for granted, but our mothers play perhaps the biggest role in ensuring that our lives run smoothly—and our spirits remain in intact. This usually means cooking, cleaning, and managing a tiptop household; or working her butt off at a high-pressure job to put money in the bank (and food on the table); or simply being the shoulder we cry on, the arms we seek for security, and the heart that welcomes all our joys and pains. Most of the time, in fact, a mom is all these things (and more), which makes it even more significant to do something amazing for her on her special day.

We asked our readers to tells us what they were preparing for Mother’s Day and got back a variety of plans—some sweeping gestures, others simple tokens of gratitude. What they all seem to have in common is this: the awareness that appreciating our mothers should be an everyday practice, rather than an annual one. Read on!


“I'm planning for a spa date here in Subic with my Mama. Since I'm a mother too, I know she’ll love being pampered on Mother's Day. We’ll have a good time together and share great bonding moments.” – Agnes Dc, 35, school nurse

“My mom and I are going to have a full body massage! I also crocheted a present for her—she loves it when I do that.” – Peach Reyes-Alvarez, 29, account manager

“My mom has health problem right now and needs an operation for her thyroid problem. The best I can do to cheer her up. We’ll hear mass together, then eat in her favorite resto afterwards. I’m also treating her to a foot spa and hair makeover, which I’m sure will make her day. I know she’ll really appreciate it.” – Mylene Calleja, 36, housewife

“I’m baking a personalized cake for her. She’ll love it since she loves to eat talaga!” – Agua Bendita, 27, entrepreneur

“I’m planning to surprise her with a day off! We’ll spend the day at the mall, eat out—whatever she wants to do to celebrate. A stress-free day is the best gift I can give to such a hardworking mom as mine.” – Jennica Calderon, 23, call center agent

“Since I’m just a student and it's vacation time, I don’t have any allowance to buy my mom a gift or even take her out. So I’m just going to use my cooking skills and whatever we have in our refrigerator to surprise her with breakfast in bed—and a home-cooked dinner in our garden. I’ll do all the house chores and let my mom rest throughout the day. And I’ll also give her a full body massage since I can’t treat her to the spa. I’ll do everything to make Mother’s Day special to her and make her feel that she is special to me.” – Brisel Loresto Mosenabre, 17, student

“I’m taking her to a restaurant and presenting her with a bouquet of flowers.” – Hudson-Elaine Nuptials, 30, editorial assistant

“To make this year a little different since she's now a grandmother of two, we’re waking my mom up on her special day via phone call so that my kids can greet her a Happy Mother’s Day! Instead of giving her a bouquet of flowers like what we usually do, my sister and I are planning to cook her favorite foods and host a garden lunch in her honor. Since she loves gardening, we’re also buying some of her favorite plants. Aside from this, I’m giving her a Mother's Day scrapbook album I personally made, filled with pictures of the two of us sharing memorable moments (and of course, photos with her granddaughters). To end the day, we’ve planned a dinner date for her and my dad, complete with nail and hair salon and spa. Then of course, a couple of goodnight hugs and kisses from all her children and grandchildren. We love you, Mom!” – Esvimin Faelnar, 27, full time wife and mom

“I’m taking her shopping!” – Czarin Francesca Aristorenas-Rubio, 29, homemaker

“I’m giving my mother a trip to Singapore as a gift for Mother's Day. It was supposed to be my trip but I thought of transferring it to her name instead. I already bought my ticket four months ago as a gift to myself since it’s my birthday next month. I’m also taking care of the renewal of her passport, bringing her to the airport and picking her up when she comes back—my brother will take care of the rest when she lands in Singapore!” – Czarina Ferrer, 28, traveler

“My siblings and I are going to pitch in for a great gift and surprise our mom with it. We’re writing a card for our lola too.” – Carissa Daez, 20, student

“My preparation for Mother's Day started last January. I bought a coin bank and started filling it with P5 coins—now it’s almost full, and I’ve saved P5,000 so far. That’s going to be my gift to my mom this Mother’s Day—plus a dinner celebration at the house (with flowers, of course).” – Jane Orpilla Alcayde, 29, engineer

“I plan to give her a surprise greeting via phone call and buy her a cake. Actually, I wanted to prepare something even more special, but whenever my mom finds out that I purchased something expensive she always reprimands me for not saving money. Hehehe! So I think a simple recognition of her on this special day will suffice. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!” – Marizen Villamora, 29, graduate school student

“I plan to treat my mom and the rest of our family to dinner—a simple dinner, really, because my mom goes ballistic when we practice "one time big time" spending. She always reminds us to spend and save wisely. Also, for one week, I’ve committed to doing all the chores for her. She actually appreciates that more than me treating her to dinner!” – Vim Tan, 25, digital media specialist

“I'm going to take my mom to Antipolo Church. She used to take me there when I was young. She also loves eating lechon, and there's a lot of it in that area so I'm sure she is going to enjoy.” – Violeta Comillas, 29, senior operations specialist

“My mom lives abroad, so I’m ordering something nice from Amazon.com and having it shipped to her!” – Gladys Cruz, 37, writer

“My sister and I buy her flowers every year. We’re going to continue that tradition.” – Fran Zorilla, 15, student


“I’m going home to my province to be close to my mom. And since she thinks cut flowers are a waste, I’m gifting her with a potted flowering plant. She does love her shrubbery!” – Alexa Villarama, 22, model

“Believe it or not, I’ve never greeted my mom Happy Mother’s Day! So this year, I’m definitely going to greet her and give her a big kiss. Then, I’ll accompany her and my sisters when they go shopping—I rarely ever do since I’m always with my dad.” – Pam Hipolito, 20, intern

“I’m just not going to be mean to her—after all, she gave me life!” – Jeje Perez, 40, publicist

How about you? What are you doing for your mom on her big day? 

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