Do you always give way or think of other people’s needs before yours? While providing for your family, doing your best at your job, and putting your whole heart and soul into a relationship are all good things, sometimes, you can go overboard, prompting people to jokingly ask you, "Martyr ka ba?" Scroll down our list and see if you’re, indeed, guilty of being one!

You go to work even on a holiday.
Because not working on a holiday is a day wasted.

You give your relationship your 100 percent, even though your partner is just going with the flow.
You know he’s not fully invested, but you believe that he’s worth it anyway. You don’t mind waiting for him to come around even though you know that there’s a real possibility that you’re waiting in vain. #Masakit

You keep chasing after the guy who dumped you…
…because you’re still hoping that things might work out for the two of you.

You offer to be the bridge for two people…
…while secretly hoping he falls for you and chooses you instead. You hang out with them, go on group dates, and even give them love advice. Talk about emotional torture.

You patiently wait in line to get your license or government ID.
Even though the number hasn’t moved since you arrived 45 minutes ago, you’re still in queue.

You’ve never complained at sucky customer service.
Your friends are all but ready to wage war with the manager, but you’re still as calm as ever, even trying to explain why your table seems to be the only one that’s being blatantly ignored. Likewise, you don’t raise your voice on the telephone when the call center operator talks to you like you don’t understand English. Or Tagalog, for that matter.

You always say and agree with what people say…
…just because you don’t want to create conflict within the office, barkada, or family.

Early in, late out.

You’re the first to arrive in your office and the last one to go, because, you know, nine hours aren’t enough to finish all your work. #OvertimeTotheMax

Most of your salary goes to your family.
We’re talking medicine and electric bills, plus yung tuition ni bunso. What’s left of your sweldo is just enough for your food and transportation allowance.

You always give way for your siblings. ALWAYS.
They get all the good stuff from your tito and tita abroad because they’re the favorites, and you never say anything about it. Even when you do get a little from the balikbayan box, you’d still offer it to your siblings who are, to be honest, very #blessed to have a sister like you.

Constantly giving without taking
It’s not bad to give selflessly, whether that’s in love, friendships, or family, as long as you remember that relationships always work better as a two-way street.

He cheats on you once in awhile, but you take him back–all the time.
You’ve caught your man getting a little too intimate with another woman multiple times, and when you confront him about it, you cry, he says sorry, and you accept his apology! Girl, you know you deserve better.

You try to solve all your problems on your own.

Even a super woman like you needs help from time to time. Don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand from the people around you. If you keep taking responsibility for everything, you’ll eventually feel burned out physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Let other people do you favors, treat you out, or even rescue you even if you don’t need saving. For once, think about yourself and what makes you happy because that’s also what the people you’re turning yourself into a martyr for would want for you—to be happy.

PHOTO: Zoey Deschanel New Girl GIFS: Giphy

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