extra_cook.jpgIf you’re the sort who enjoys food, you may have taken things one step further by learning to enjoy the art of making good food come together—in short, cooking. Like any other art, the culinary world is filled with all sorts of personalities: the healthy “I cook because it lets me control what I eat” sort, the homey “I cook because I love” sort, the functional “I cook so I can eat sort,” the haute cuisine “I cook as I am, I am as I cook” sort, the Gordon Ramsayesque “my kitchen is a battlefield, and I am its general” sort, and so on.

But do you know what kind of cook you really are? And does it jive with the kind of cook others (your partner, your kids, your friends) think you are? If, after years of drowning yourself into pots and pans, you haven’t thought about it, then taking this quiz might give you a good idea of your cooking personality.

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