Science has already proven that eating healthy also means having cheat days. Having something to look forward to and at the same time satisfy cravings can actually help you lose more of that unnecessary weight. Even Anne Curtis, who is known for her fit lifestyle, is open about giving in to yummy indulgences. Here some of the munchies she has enjoyed, which you can, too – as long as you do so in healthy moderation.



1. Hot chocolate

A comforting cup of something sweet is always good.


2. Donuts

Sweets with sprinkles on top can help you get pumped! 

3. Pasta

You do need carbs especially when you're faced with a challenging task.


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4. Rainbow parfait

Because there can never be enough magic on your dessert!

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5. Ice Cream

Whatever the flavor (and the weather), ice cream is always good.

I get to taste soft serve Wasabi Ice Cream at Daio Wasabi farm AND.... #ANNEsayaSaJapanTake2

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6. Takoyaki 

Especially if it's authentic!

Tako-YUMMY ???? Hindi sya YAKI. Sarap e. Haha! Havey Kaya! ???? #ANNEsayaSaJapanTake2 #ANNEventuresJAPAN

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7. Chocolates

Who doesn't love TimTams? 

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8. Hamburger

Have something meaty and juice to bite into like this one from Shake Shack.

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9. Cotton candy

Just make sure to brush your teeth and drink lots of water after!

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10. Burger Steak

Because when all else fails, fast food is pretty much comfort food.

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