Stylewise WeddingsGoodbye, hot summer—and good riddance, too. It’s the start of June, and that can only mean one thing. Hello, wedding season!

I must admit I haven’t been to a whole lot of weddings. I’m thinking less than 10—and for most of them, I was a tween, dressed in gauzy pink dresses and kitten heels. At that age, you never worry about what you’re going to wear. What’s the point, when your mother handles all that business for you?

Everything changes when you hit your mid-20s. Suddenly, your friends are getting married. And if you aren’t the maid of honor or a bridesmaid or any sort of maiden whose attire gets helpfully dictated to her, you find yourself stuck in the nebulous guest zone.

In this zone, most girls have no idea what they’re going to wear.

It is only when you come of age that you realize how much planning, effort, and last-minute emergencies are involved with getting dressed for a wedding. And so many rules, too! For instance:

White is strictly for the bride. This rule has relaxed somewhat in recent years, but I would never break it—unless “Please wear white” was explicitly stated on the invite. It’s the bride’s big day—she deserves her own special color!

At formal weddings, it’s customary to show skin. But don’t wear anything too revealing. This is a fine, fine line that can be—and frequently is—easily crossed.

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If the ceremony is set in a church, don’t wear sleeveless or strapless gowns—and if you must, bring a shawl to cover up. Wow, I broke this rule so many times when I was a teenager. It’s just so hot in Manila!

Women can wear pant suits, as long as they're well-tailored and appropriate for formal events. This I have never quite understood. Why go the extra mile for a bongga suit when you can just wear a beautiful dress?

Don’t wear black versus Do wear black. Here’s my take: if it’s an after-six affair or a snazzy formal event, black is a go. If it’s set in the daytime and will probably come to a close when there’s still light out, wear color or a neutral.

Research, research, research. That’s your only option when you find yourself neither here nor there as a wedding guest. Combing through all those bridal articles might seem like a pain at first—but at the end of the day, it pays off. (You’ll see it in the pictures.)

Attending a wedding? Here comes the fun part (and to some, the most feared). Let’s choose your outfit!

PS. Today is Stylewise’s one-year anniversary! Thanks for reading, FNites!

(Flashbox photo from Sex and the City courtesy of New Line Cinema. All fashion sets created by Stephanie Castillo via Polyvore.)

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