Stylewise NYENew Year’s Eve isn’t quite like what the movies tell you.

Nine times out of ten, you probably have no idea what your big resolution is going to be—and on top of that, you have no time to dwell on it. You’re probably thinking about more important things, like “Keep the champagne coming!” or, “OMG, my camera is dead and the fireworks are about to start!”


Nine times out of ten, your love interest won’t swoop in by hell or high water to kiss you at midnight. Why? He’s probably stuck in traffic or trying to find a parking space.

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Also, nobody drops everything that very night and rushes out to wherever you are (by foot, if necessary) to confess/contradict/clarify a romance-related issue because they have set New Year’s Eve as their ultimate deadline for manning up. In real life, if there’s something significant to discuss and truly no time to waste, people call (or text!).

But there’s one thing about NYE that Hollywood manages to get right (AKA true), and that’s the fashion. Given that you aren’t skipping the whole shebang and staying home for the vicarious thrill of your TV, you’ll be dressing up swankier than usual. Everyone does—celebrities, civilians, and fictional characters alike!

Maybe you’re the organized type: you’ve had your outfit picked out and settled for weeks, and you’re simply counting down the days until you get to wear it. Then again, maybe you’re the procrastinating type—after all, we each have our share of end-of-the-year deadlines to cram, and fashion simply takes a backseat to work priorities. If so, welcome to this final, hectic weekend of 2012. Hope you’re ready to part the red sea of shoppers because that’s what you’ll need to do in order to fish out your perfect look!


I was on Pinterest this whole week, dawdling on my last article of the year—but more importantly, stocking up on pretty pegs for New Year’s Eve. I’ll let you in on my plan: to sparkle, to stand out, and yes, to store a pair of foldable flats in my bag in the event that I find myself on my feet until breakfast time. That last point is up to you, of course—but for the first two, see my gallery of tips below, and by all means, have fun on the Eve! The Mayans fortunately miscalculated this great, long year, and you deserve a good time for surviving it!

(In-article photo from New Year’s Eve courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. Flashbox photo sources, L-R: Refinery29 via Refinery29, The Walmart of Fashion via Antje Schünemann on Pinterest, Fashion Style Mag via Jaycie Leathers, all on Pinterest)

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