Stylewise WeekendsAnd so begins Part 2 of our long weekend marathon!

If you’re the work-hard-play-hard type, I’m assuming you spent a good part of last week’s four-day holiday at a social hub, swilling drinks and busting a move like these girls. (Just kidding!)

But if you do, in fact, work hard and play hard, there’s a big chance that you and your vertiginous heels will be painting the town red (again) this weekend. And why shouldn’t you? Feel free to break out your best little dresses and most devilish lipcolor, ladies—there’s always reason to celebrate when you can sleep in on a Monday morning.

I, on the other hand, am a bit of a homebody (and by “a bit,” I mean that I spend approximately 90 percent of my free time at home). When my workload for the week has been signed, sealed, and delivered, I retreat into my house and hibernate the whole weekend. Wait, let me revise that: I’ll go see a movie or have coffee or split dinner and drinks with friends at one of our regular, close-by joints. Otherwise, I’ll only venture out of my lair (and onto the dreaded highway) for unskippable occasions, like a BFF’s birthday, despedida, or wedding.

Really, getting me out of my comfy clothes and into snazzy, dressy ones when I’m officially on weekend mode is no small feat. You might have better luck pulling the sword from the stone.

It’s funny, because when it’s time to go back to work—or, in my case, back to shoots, pullouts, and cover story interviews—I’m ready to shove myself into tight skirts and heavy necklaces and shoes that have a two-hour comfort limit. What a difference a day makes.

But back to this weekend. My plans involve: (1) a lot of dining out, (2) some girl-talking, (3) a little boozing, and (4) no e-mail-checking--believe me, it’s a big deal coming from a workaholic. And this all takes place within a 10-minute drive from my house, so I can relax the fashion and stay off SLEX. Yay! (What? No birthdays this week.)

On lazy, laidback weekends like these, you’ll find me bereft of my heels and beholden to easy casuals that are both practical and chic. Check out the five pieces I’ll be living in these next few days; they might come in handy sometime, when you’re tuckered out from all those wild nights spent with Patrón and LMFAO. And when you finally are—well, welcome to the hermitage.

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