Stylewise_CSS_articles.jpgThree weeks ago, like most of Manila, I found myself sitting in a theater, munching on thick-cut fries, and waiting for Crazy, Stupid, Love to start.

Two hours later, when the movie ended, my friend and I turned to each other with the sparkling eyes of much younger girls, and against our better judgment, we awww-ed.

Needless to say, I loved it.

First—and let me just put this out there—Ryan Gosling as Jacob the lothario is one hot piece. Yes, he has all that Young Hercules-Noah Calhoun history of swoonworthiness to pick up any slack—but the man just glows. As my friend Benny told me on Facebook, “I was giggling like a little girl every time he was on.” Benny is a straight man with a very cute girlfriend. That is the Gosling effect.

Second, the plot is irresistible. The lovable but unfabulous protagonist meets his version of Tim Gunn and transforms into a sleek, sexually confident man-about-town. But on the road to total George Clooneydom, our hero learns a thing or two about life, love, and family—and that’s what gives the film heart. It’s hard not to be touched when the credits roll; not after you’ve seen Steve Carell’s character make a complete turnaround in his life, only to come home to where he belongs.

Third, and most importantly, the fashion is a spectacle. Never before have I found menswear as fascinating as I did after seeing this movie. It’s like The Devil Wears Prada for boys—suit after impeccable suit, shoes you wish your boyfriend would wear, crisp cuffs and smart buttons and the glint of a silver chain, and just this slick, self-assured approach to styling that manscaped every outfit. It was a step-by-step guide to becoming a fashionisto—one that even girls could learn a thing or two from.

On one hand, every scene with Ryan Gosling in it was like a page out of GQ (he reportedly had 36 costume changes in total). Jacob devours a slice of pizza in a green hunting suit! Exits the bar in a burgundy blazer with a silk pocket square! Picks a fight in a knit polo shirt and slim-cut slacks! Stay tuned for more!

Then, you have the Cinderella story of Steve Carell’s frumpy Cal. He of the unfortunate haircut, ill-fitting clothes, and minuscule ego morphs into a smooth operator with a knack for layering. The frog slips on Versace shoes and, poof! He’s a prince.

It’s a great before-and-after scenario to present to any man who needs a makeover. Change is good—especially the kind of change that involves re-evaluating your style. Fashion is not something to shy away from on the premise that “real men don’t care about what they wear.” That’s just the caveman talking. Coco Chanel once said that if a woman dresses shabbily, people notice the dress; but if she dresses impeccably, they notice the woman. The same holds true for the opposite sex: Dress poorly, and they notice the suit; dress to impress, and they notice the man.

Read on for 10 fashion lessons that Crazy, Stupid, Love can teach the man in your life!

(All photos from Crazy, Stupid, Love courtesy of Warner Bros.)
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