Stylewise Fashion AppsAnother one bites the dust! If the title of this week’s column hasn’t clued you in, I very recently made the switch from my trusty old Blackberry to a brand new smartphone. And if there’s one thing I want to say about (or to) my new phone, it’s this: Where have you been all my life?

After months of penny-pinching reluctance and futile resistance, I finally took the eager plunge into the wonderful world of Android. And it only took me one short week to realize the same thing all you technically adept ladies have known for ages—that apps are the best thing in the modern world. Ever (Yes, that’s how behind I am on the times.).

I think the coolest part about my foray into apps has been discovering all the frivolous, fashion-related inventions that I could never had dreamed into existence as a style-hungry kid. It seems to me that all a girl needs to do now is think of what’s missing in her life, style-wise—what tiny, insignificant detail she wished could be addressed by some kindred sartorial spirit (say, a fasyon app creator). Then, like clockwork, that little 21st century voice in our heads quips, “I think there’s an app for that...” And chances are, there is (But you already knew that—you techie, you.).

I guess what I’m trying to express somewhere in between all this belated gushing is that fashion has become more fun than ever, especially when you live in a time when everything is possible. New inventions come into fruition on a daily basis and are at our fingertips in a snap, a click, or a swipe! This is it, folks: we’re living like the Jetsons—only with less flying cars and better-looking clothes.
So without further ado, here are six free-of-charge fashion apps you shouldn’t miss out on. I did for so long, and it feels like I’ve got tons of catching up to do!

(Screencaps from Itunes App Store and Google Play Store)

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1. FASHISM (Android, iOs)

Upload the best-angled and strategically-adjusted photo of your outfit du jour, and in moments, a community of users respond with their feedback. But don’t be scared—beyond the “Hot or Not” hook, Fashism provides you with an extended family of stylish online friends who give you encouragement and great ideas.



2. CHICFEED (Android, iOs)

Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen nowadays, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to peruse. Chicfeed consolidates the most popular street style chronicles on the web—The Sartorialist! Lookbook! Face Hunter!—so that you end up a personalized RSS feed of fashion photos. No more multiple tabs necessary.


Fashion Kaleidoscope


Ever come across a pic of a fabulous girl and wondered where on earth she bought her outfit? Agonize no longer—Fashion Kaleidoscope functions as your very own style detective. This app shows you thousands of awesome outfits gleaned from all over the web and pinpoints where you can purchase the specific pieces (or, at the very least, copycat items).



4. POSE (Android, iOs)

Pose is great for “style-stalkers” who lurk around the blogosphere for inspiration. Like a fashion version of Pinterest, it asks you a series of questions to determine your style, then suggests celebs and civilians to follow who share the same taste. You can compile your photo hoard into neat “collections,” or even get your shopping fix straight from the source (the app affixes brand information to its content).


Stylish Girl

5. STYLISH GIRL (Android, iOs)

For all you children of the ‘90s (that includes me!), here’s a throwback to Cher Horowitz’s revolving wardrobe in Clueless. Take individual photos of all the pieces in your closet and upload them unto the app, which categorizes everything according to tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and so on. When everything is organized, you instantly have a hand-held inventory of your wardrobe, which allows you to mix and match without having to try anything on!




Trendabl isn’t available on Android yet, so I have it on my iPod. It’s best described as the love child of Facebook and Instagram. This fashion-oriented social networking app allows you to upload sartorial snapshots, select drama-inducing filters, and tag specific labels on every piece of your outfit for easy identification. You can also follow the Trendabl feeds of your friends and fashion idols who are also on the app, as well as browse clothing more specifically by category.

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