Stylewise Fashion GiftsFeel that vague, niggling sense of panic yet? I’m guessing it’s related to those yet-to-be-bought presents—and, trust me, you’re not alone. This time of year is a fuzzy, fast-paced frolic of a month when everyone is behind on one thing or another. Work mornings rush into cocktail nights, and the days until Christmas almost seem to evaporate.


After all, they don’t call it “Decemblur” for nothing.

But between final deadlines, party prepping, and those must-attend affairs every other day, a girl’s got to hustle when it comes to her gift-shopping. Eventually (somehow, some way), we all find the time—and that’s half the battle won already. But straight away you’re thrust into your next predicament: the arduous task of choosing what to get for all your people. For the men, it’s pretty much straightforward—gadgets (or anything gadget-related), comics (or anything comic), dress shoes and dressy shirts. But for the women—oh, my!—what a challenge.

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At least, that’s what it seems like when you don’t have a game plan.

As for me, I’ll stress and strain and bellyache until I finally set my mind to super-errand mode. And when I’m face to face with a long stretch of stores—and the crushing crowds that throng within them—I always approach it with this strategy: fun, fab, and practical wins every single time. Even more so, when you’re shopping for like-minded ladies!


I know there’s not a minute to lose, so here’s my fashion slant on an easy gift guide. Browse through the gallery for some quick ideas—books! flats! sunnies!—and best of luck!

(The Sartorialist Closer, female cover: Penguin Books)

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