Metro Manila is now under general community quarantine after more than two months on strict lockdown. Suspension on public transportation has been lifted, while some establishments have reopened for business. That means that, yes, you can now step outside. The swing of things may have somewhat resumed but the COVID-19 pandemic still looms. It is with this in mind that the fashion industry has shifted gears and started creating everyday PPE sets, which range from suits, outerwear, and face masks. These were designed to equip consumers for the new normal.


Research shows that covering up from head to toe is not necessary to prevent oneself from contracting the virus. It also doesn’t matter what kind of fabric you wear outside. What research does suggest is that covering up is simply a way to show everyone that you’re being cautious, and that gives you and everyone else, peace of mind. 

That said, everyday PPE suits aren’t the only thing you can sport to take extra safety measures, nor do you have to buy a new set of clothes. To help you out, we’ve come up with a few practical outfits you can put together using items you already own. Since sanitizing after a trip outside is key to preventing anything unhealthy from coming into your home, these outfit combinations all use items that can be easily hand-washed and cleaned. These OOTDs are great if you think you’ll feel secure being more covered up. Check them out below!  

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P.S. Always remember to secure your face masks and shields before heading out! 

1. Complete your look with a quick-dry jacket.

Now’s the best time to bring out your activewear and athleisure clothes, as these pieces are often made with water-resistant or quick-dry fabrics that will not only prevent external liquids from seeping through but allows for easy clean-up afterward.


Throw on a sports jacket on top of your regular OOTD if you want to cover up. Pro tip: You can remove the jacket and stow it away in your car before entering your office building or your home, so you enter the premises as clean as possible. You could store it in a bin or a pocketable bag. 

2. Wear a T-shirt with joggers or sweatpants.


Go ahead and continue wearing your favorite streetwear pieces, especially those with athleisure vibes. Just choose those in light or easy-to-clean fabrics like a polyester blend, which joggers are often made of. It’s also best to choose shoes that aren’t made of canvas—those made with water-repellent material like plastic, rubber, or vegan leather—so you could easily sanitize them. 

3. Don a tank top with quick-dry pants or yoga pants.


If wearing workout leggings/pants with a T-shirt sounds too casual for you, you can always don a sleek tank top with your leggings (plus points if it’s monochromatic!) or you can wear a sleek bodysuit with relaxed pants. The point is to avoid any bottoms made with thick fabric (like denim) because such items are heavy to wash after just one use. 

4. A simple straight-cut day dress.


If feeling fresh is on the top of your list (and we’re sure it is), know that you can always wear day dresses, since most of them are made with easy-to-wash fabrics anyway, like eyelet, seersucker, cotton, cotton jersey, and chambray

We suggest choosing dresses that don't stray from the body too much (e.g. A-line maxi skirts, bell sleeves). Although experts say that transmission of the virus through everyday clothes is unlikely, it's best to stick to pieces that stick close to the body to prevent from accidentally sweeping germs off surfaces. 

5. A white button-down and shorts.


Stay cool in a crisp, white button-down and bermuda shorts or cycling shorts. The shorts will come in handy if you decide to use those bike lanes in EDSA in the near future, or will keep you comfy during your morning commute.  

6. A chic boiler suit.

If the PPE suit had a literal translation in your wardrobe, it would have to be the boiler suit. Just make sure it’s made with lightweight fabric and that it fits well. An alternative would be any romper or jumpsuit, which are typically made with thin fabrics like rayon, lyocell, and polyester blend. 


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