1_skincare-kitchen.jpgWe know all too well that cucumber is great for soothing tired, puffy eyes. In fact, we've probably tried this simple trick at least once in our lives. And why shouldn't we? It's effective, it's easy, and—best of all—it's cheap.

But the kitchen scrounging shouldn't stop there! When you're penny-pinching, these 10 pantry must-haves offer a quick beauty boost for next to nothing. Check them out below!

Potatoes aren't just great for French fries. Interestingly enough, they also reduce eye swelling and puffiness. Another great trick? Mashing up a potato and applying to the face to prevent wrinkles!

Did you know that your go-to breakfast food is also an effective agent against acne? Oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, which lead to pimples and zits, can easily be absorbed by oatmeal. Cook up a batch and spread over blemishes for clear skin.

Ran out of makeup remover? In a pinch, douse a cotton ball with olive oil to remove stubborn mascara. You can also combine it with sugar or salt for an instant scrub.

Emma Stone has admitted to using baking soda to exfoliate her skin—and she has the flawless complexion to prove it. Try it for yourself!

There's no need to splash out on expensive scrubs when you have brown sugar. Rub it on to chapped lips to remove dead skin cells, or combine with honey for a deeply aromatic scrub. Delicious.

Skin feeling dull and lackluster? Pop open a container of yogurt (the thicker, the better), and use as a facial mask. Yogurt actually contains lactic acid, which exfoliates the skin.

Condition skin with some thick, gooey honey! Honey keeps your skin moisturized by retaining water, and it's a foolproof binding agent for all your DIY face masks.

Worried about stretch marks? Rubbing coconut oil on your thighs and belly nourishes the skin and increases hydration. It also works as a natural cleanser and an eye makeup remover.

Avocado is easily absorbed by the skin, making it a no-brainer ingredient for face masks. The fruit is also rich in antioxidants, perfect for an anti-aging boost and to ward off wrinkles.

Wave goodbye to blackheads with gelatin! The plain, unflavored variety is effective in clearing up pores, resulting in a clear, smooth complexion.

(Photo by Catalin Pop via sxc.hu)

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