Malls, gyms, coffee shops, nail salons, and hair salons are closed until the end of the community quarantine period. So, what do you do when itching to get a trim or haircut?

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You can ask someone in your household to do it for you. These celebrity couples, for example, are now their own hairdressers.

Actress Solenn Heussaff does it for her husband Nico Bolzico. Even before the quarantine took effect on March 15, she was already asking him to stay home.

Nico did stay put, but then he needed a haircut. Solenn did it for him.

Angel Locsin also gives her soon-to-be husband Neil Arce a quick shave.

Bianca Gonzalez trims the hair of her husband JC Intal and their daughter Lucia.

Patrick Garcia gets his haircut from his wife Nikka Martinez and daughter Patrice.

Expert hair tips

If you are the one tasked to be the in-house hairdresser, here are a few tips:

In an interview with GMA News Online, celebrity hairstylist Jing Monis says you need to prepare your tools first.

You will need "a pair of scissors, mirror, cutting cape, comb, and razor."


Ideally, Good and highly recommend investing in a pair of hair-cutting scissors or shears. However, Jing says "a pair of kitchen scissors will do." Never use paper scissors, he warns, as they "might damage the ends of your hair."

As for a cutting cape substitute, a towel or any long piece of cloth will do to protect your body. A covering is needed to keep hair strands off your body and avoid "getting itchy with the hair."  

If you choose to give yourself a haircut, Jing says to shampoo your hair before cutting because "wet hair reveals the original length of your hair."

But when cutting your hair wet, reminds readers, "It will look even shorter once it dries."

Here's how to do it:

Divide hair into four sections—"bottom, middle, left and right side"—and cut "little by little."

Begin with the bottom section, then move up to the middle, and then to to the left and right sides.


This is important: If you are only cutting off the split ends, Jing says a dry cut is fine, there is no need to wet your hair.

Meanwhile, celebrity hairstylist Alex Carbonell says it is "tricky" to cut your own hair at home.

He adds that even hair coloring is better done with an expert: "Coloring gray hair from DIY BOXES also needs professional formulation."

For him, a "haircut must be a precise, artful procedure."

Alex adds, "It uplifts your spirit if beautifully done, and yet it destroys your confidence if it's badly done, worse if point of no return, or worst, to cut open your skin.

"Just stick to DIY TREATMENTS, SCALP MASSAGE and or HAIR THERAPY. Even if we say that hair grows back, optimism dictates that by April 14, this crisis will shift to a modified quarantine. By that time, the hair professionals are already available..."

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