They’re pretty, popular, and paid way more than regular folks twice their years—and before many of them hit the legal age, these girls were already household names. Young female stars are taking the worldwide entertainment industry by storm, with chart-topping tunes, box office hits, and small screen smashes that have garnered them legions of followers—including your own daughters, nieces, and little sisters.

Certainly, millions of fans applaud these young celebrities for making it big at such a tender age. But others—like concerned moms—are quick to point out that some starlets don’t quite send out the right message. Impressionable adolescent girls who make up a hefty chunk of the “young Hollywood” demographic can easily be influenced by the negative behavior of their idols, whether it’s a foul attitude, a provocative fashion sense, or in worst cases, a drug and alcohol habit.

To illustrate our point, we’ve put together a gallery of ten top female starlets—some who are gracing the world with their class acts, and others who are sadly just disgracing themselves. Tell us: who do you think is a good role model?

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