KC-Gabby-Sharon2-article_1.jpgLast week, Gabby Concepcion reunited with ex-wife Sharon Cuneta on the latter’s eponymous show, as their daughter KC and a full audience looked on with excitement and emotion. Gabby and KC were promoting their latest movie, I’ll Be There, which is also the first film the father-daughter tandem has starred in together. The familial love continues this Sunday, as part two of the “Mega family reunion” airs on Sharon, in which the trio is joined by Zsa Zsa Padilla, who is Sharon’s BFF, as well Jericho Rosales, who plays KC’s love interest in I’ll Be There.

Of her parents’ amiable reunion after almost 20 years of not speaking, KC tells PEP.ph, “Ito yung hinihintay ko. All my life, since nagkahiwalay sila, siyempre gusto mo na lang na magkasama sila.”

Now, even though they are no longer a couple, KC is happy to share that her parents consider themselves friends. Upon observing their interaction with each other on the show, KC even noticed that her parents seemed to be in their own world. She tells PEP.ph, “Parang silang may sariling mundo, di ba? Tsaka nakikita ko yung pagka-fun ni Papa at yung pagka-fun ni Mama, lumalabas, parang dati lang. Makikita mo kung bakit sila nag-click dati.”

Die-hard Gabby-Sharon fans may see the reunion as a thrilling loveteam revival—while detractors may view it as an ingenious ploy for publicity—but for KC, the experience was a genuine, heartfelt one which brought about the healing of old family wounds. She tells FN, “[Our appearance on the show], hindi lang siya showbiz eh. It was also a reunion, and it was also a way for us to resolve things and be at peace, finally, officially.”

As for her relationship with dad Gabby, KC seems to have made strides even after years of being apart. This PEP.ph article reports that the actress is “very close” to her father, and that she and her half-sisters plan to have dinner with the Concepcion clan for Father’s Day. She tells PEP.ph, “Siyempre pamilya ko na yung stepdad [Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan] ko, yung mga Pangilinans, yung mga kapatid ko. Siguro ano lang, siyempre iba yung nakilala ko si Papa… nakilala ko siya kaya hinanap ko siya ulit. Kahit naman di mo nakilala mo and tatay mo, hahanapin mo siya, di ba?”

Like KC, many women did not grow up with their biological fathers at home—or have simply grown apart from them over the years. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here a few tips to help you restore your relationship with your dad.



Maybe your dad abandoned your family when you were younger, or maybe he said some hurtful things that he shouldn’t have—still, that shouldn’t stop you from seeking out a loving relationship with him. Forgive your dad for any wrongs he may have committed—he’s only human, after all—and then move on from there. Harboring grudges against him will only serve as an obstacle in your quest to mend fences.


People change over time, so don’t be upset if your dad isn’t quite like you remembered him. Instead, try to get to know the person he is today. Discuss his work, hobbies, and future goals, and share your own—this way, you’ll discover things about one another that you may not have known before.


Swap stories about your past experiences together, no matter how few. Emphasize all the positive things you remember—such as him taking you to amusement parks or sitting in the front row for your ballet recital. If there are no such stories, encourage him to share anecdotes about his own childhood, and try to draw parallels with your own. Remember, nothing sweetens the mood like good memories!

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What happened between your mom and dad is their business—there is a whole world of deep-seated hurts and concerns that you probably know nothing about, so don’t try to meddle in your parents’ issues. What’s important is that you address your own relationship with your father, and make it strong enough to stand on its own, whether or not your mom is ready to be a part of it.


Arrange special father-daughter dates that will aid in your bonding experience. You can have dinner, watch a movie, or see a basketball game—as long as it’s a shared interest that you can both enjoy. Try to keep these dates on regular basis, too—perhaps once a month or every other weekend.


Keep the lines of communication open even when you and your dad don’t see each other. Regular short updates through text, email, Facebook, or YM should help you take baby steps towards building a good rapport with one another. Plus, there’s no pressure to connect deeply every single time—it’s just a quick way to check in with your dad and let him know you’re thinking about him.



You may have missed your dad growing up—and spent many a sleepless night wondering where he could have gone—but the main thing is that he’s here now. Make the most of your time together—you won’t regret it!

(Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN)

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