Mark_Anthony_Claudine_article.jpgDuring their highly-anticipated one-on-one reunion on Showbiz Central, actor Mark Anthony Fernandez apologized to actress Claudine Barretto for all the pain that he put her through during their past relationship, as reports. “Bilang lalake, inaamin ko na kasalanan ko ang lahat nang nangyari sa amin ni Claudine,” Mark tells “I am so happy na napatawad ako ni Claudine. I am forever sorry sa mga nagawa ko sa kanya noon, and just lately, yung mga naging usap-usapan na hindi maganda. We’ve fixed everything, and this is a new chapter sa buhay namin.”

If you will recall, Claudine and Mark Anthony went through a stormy relationship in their teens, marked by drug abuse and alleged philandering on his part, as well as rumors of dramatic public and private fights. The couple eventually separated—Claudine continuing on her rise to superstardom, and Mark Anthony making successful comebacks after two stints in rehab. Drama struck once again in recent months when Mark Anthony failed to show up at an important production meeting for a film that would reunite the two former flames—which did not sit very well with Claudine, as this video shows.

But it seems that these celebrity ex-lovers are putting the past behind them, once and for all. They are both happily married—Claudine to fellow thesp Raymart Santiago, and Mark Anthony to non-showbiz wife Melissa Fernandez. Mark Anthony has even agreed to guest star on Claudine’s GMA-7 drama anthology, reports. Claudine puts in a sweet word during their Showbiz Central interview: “Yung atin kasi was young love na may pagka-mapusok…[but] a big part of that would always be yung part  na naging tayo. If I were to live my life again, I’d still choose you to be my first boyfriend and my friend now.”

Think it’s time you forgave your old boyfriends for the mistakes they made in the past? Here are some suggestions on how to go about it. Just click on a tip to learn more about it, or simply scroll down and keep reading.



Forgiveness, like many other things, comes with time. Don’t jump the gun and start doling out forgiveness like it’s a party favor. Allot a reasonable amount of time to mourn the loss of your relationship and the breach of your love, so that when you are truly ready to accept the offending party’s apology, you can do it with an honest heart. This article says it is important to give yourself time to grieve because “denying how you feel and pretending to be alright when you aren’t only means you’re lying to yourself.”


When you are finally at a point when you are ready to forgive, no strings attached, stop holding on to all that pent-up pain. Release it, as you would a bird from a cage, and you will find yourself feeling liberated, fulfilled, and most importantly, whole again.  Forget about dredging up old sins or keeping deep, dark secrets tucked away to make future jabs at your ex—on the contrary, forgiveness means letting go of everything negative that happened in the past, no matter how difficult they were to get through, and then moving on with no hard feelings.


It wasn’t all bad, was it? One of the best ways to get your forgiving juices running is by remembering the good times you shared with your ex—regardless of how short it lasted. This article calls it “honoring” your true connection—this way, you can see how at one point in time your ex was the most wonderful person in your life, and this alone makes him worthy of your forgiveness. There will always be a part of you in one another—so don’t forget it, or regret it. Just forgive!


To ensure that you are whole within yourself, and therefore ready to forgive, work on who you are, both alone and with others. Socialize and see how great you can be, even as a single. Take classes to keep yourself busy as well as learn about your dormant interests and ambitions. Pursue your passions—no one’s stopping you now! When you are able to build yourself back up after a devastating relational blow and finally accept who you’ve become after the breakup, you’ll be able to accept who your ex is—and the apology he offers.


This article puts it quite inspiringly: “Think of the new adventure you’re embarking on. Think of all the things you now have time for and all the things you will do and learn and see. Think of how many options you now have and all the different paths you can now go down on.” Do that, and then think of your forgiveness as the portal that separates you between the old life and the new. The only thing that remains to be done before you cross over to greener pastures is to forgive—so don’t keep yourself waiting. As Nina Simone once sang, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life.” Embrace it!

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