Daphne Oseña-Paez, Cher Calvin, and Angel Aquino, hosts of F, a lifestyle show that first aired in the late ’90s, are back together for the first time. Ten years after they first teamed up, the trio has reunited for an Olay Total Effects campaign, and an F reunion episode to boot.



f_cosmo_cover.jpgTouching on a concern that affects many older women today, FN asked these worldly women how they feel about the bias towards the young and beautiful on most of the shows on TV. Daphne admits having been a bit more competitive when she was in her 20s. “At times [I was] paranoid that a younger girl would replace me on the show. [But] I was in it for the long haul. I told myself it wasn’t about youth all the time—that experience, knowledge, and credibility would matter.” It did matter: she parlayed her seven-year experience on F into a new role as a producer. “Just to make sure I had job security this round, I created my own show, Urban Zone. I’m not just a host, I’m also a producer. It’s always good to know your stuff and learn new skills along the way.” Cher concurs, saying “There will always be a younger bias but experience, confidence, knowledge, and authority will always outweigh youth.” Says Angel, "It's sad that many very talented actresses in their 30s get relegated to mother roles while nubile young stars get top billing.In Hollywood, mature actresses like Meryl Streep earn more respect as they age. Men get younger leading ladies as they grow older but their female counterparts start playing mothers or grandmothers.It's sad but it's the prevailing system. Hopefully merit and talent will eventually win over youth." How does she deal with it? "By taking care of one's self in the most natural way possible without having to resort to drastic measures. Self-discipline and a sunny disposition work like a 'psychological facelift!'"

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In an interview on Spot.ph , we glimpse the interesting transformations their friendship has undergone: from their awkward beginnings thrown together as hosts of a new lifestyle show, to learning and growing in the industry together, to living their own lives and advancing in their careers. It’s not unlike watching your own college friends strike off on their own adventures and catching up when you’re all older and wiser.


Some more highlights from their Spot interview that we can relate to:

  • Upon learning she would host a lifestyle show with Daphne and Cher, Angel candidly admits thinking, “I’m not going to host with these two, mga Inglisera no!” But in the end she says, “It was the best thing that happened to me. When I got to be with Daphne and Cher, and they knew about fashion and style and a bit of that rubbed off on me and now I’m able to be the ‘Daphne’ to Iya Villania and Megan Young.” [Angel hosts Us Girls with the two younger stars. -ed] “F helped me with my live hosting career and all the other things I’m doing now.”

  • Daphne observes of women working together: “When you put women together, there’s always the assumption that women compete, that there’s cattiness backstage.” Contrary to the stereotype, she says “With us, we always had our own things beyond F, and so F was so much fun for all of us.”

  • Cher, now an Emmy-awarded news anchor in California, says of being reunited: “I missed those days when we would banter. Now, it’s all about reading death and destruction. My career now is on a whole different level, and it’s nice to be back and talk about some life stuff. I couldn’t wait to be back with the F girls and see what’s new. I missed this. We’re giggling, it is a sisterhood. We haven’t seen each other in six years but it doesn’t matter, because this is family.”


The F Reunion episode runs on Sunday, September 27, at 10pm on ABS-CBN Channel 2. We can’t wait. As Cher promises, “It’s going to be exactly like what we did years ago, but us looking, you know, better.” We’re certain they’ll be sounding much wiser, as well.


Read the whole interview on Spot.ph.

Images from Spot.ph.

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