If the ever-faithful dog is man’s best friend, then the ever-fabulous gay guy must be woman’s. Ladies and gay gentlemen have gotten along capitally through the years—due not only to their shared interests in fashion, grooming, art, culture, and, well, men, but also the security, camaraderie, and overall understanding that women experience with their GBFFs (Gay Best Friends Forever). The “gay boyfriend” or “gay husband,” as these bosom buddies are often called, make for wonderfully witty and enlightening companions—they can give you a man’s perspective on any matter, console you with a woman’s sensitivity, and tell you what your straight girl or guy friends never will (“Yes, you do look fat in that dress.”).

To celebrate womankind’s everlasting partnership with pink street, here are 10 on- and off-screen friendships between famous girls and gays. Let us know if we missed out on any of your dearest queers!

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