kris_aquino_on_pnoy.jpgActress/TV host Kris Aquino says she approves of her brother President Noynoy Aquino’s dating stylist Liz Uy, reports. “Pinagsabihan ako ni Noy na ‘Manahimik ka, mas matanda ako, huwag kang makialam,at susunod ako,” she is quoted as saying. “But it's no secret that I love Liz. Sana lasting happiness.”

Kris expressed her wish for her brother’s marriage to come soon. She also marveled at the recent changes in him and hopes things continue going up. “Mas humble pa si Noy now. At halatang masaya, maganda ang tindig, maganda magdamit,” she says in the article. “Sana patuloy na gumanda ang samahan nila.”

Unlike Kris’s reaction, you might find yourself disapproving of your sibling’s significant other, sometimes even from the get go. If you want your sibling to be happy, though, you’re going to have to learn to get along with the love of his life—even if you’d both rather be somewhere else than be in the same room together. Sounds like a tough assignment? Not to worry because Female Network has a few tips to get you started.


You may have decided that you and your brother’s girlfriend just aren’t on the same wavelength but that doesn’t give you the right to be rude to her. Even if you don’t like her, be polite and treat her with respect just like you would any other person. Sure, you don’t have to be best friends with her but being civil is the least thing you can do for your sibling’s happiness.


Ask yourself why you seem to be keen on disliking your sibling’s loved one. Do you know her personally? If you don’t and you’re merely being suspicious, get to know her first before passing any judgment. Perhaps the only reason you’re not getting along is you just haven’t found a common interest yet. Sit down and talk to her. It might sound silly but people have bonded over their mutual love for Brad Pitt! There’s no telling what you’ll find out if you try.


If all else fails, you do have something in common: your love for your sibling. The whole “Let me show his baby pictures” routine is both old and extremely embarrassing but the sentiment behind it isn’t bad, so aim to achieve something similar by sharing poignant childhood stories (they don’t need to be embarrassing to work!). Before you know it, you’ll have transcended barriers just by giggling over your brother’s playschool escapades. Once that happens, take it one step further and invite her out for shopping. You may not like the same things but something’s bound to speak to her on a shopping escapade. Take advantage of it!


Stay positive and focus on the good things. You might be subconsciously agitating yourself by mentally listing down all the things you don’t like about her. If you take it to the next level and constantly inform your brother about his girlfriend’s faults, you might even damage your relationship with him. So the next time your mouth opens and you feel like something hurtful’s going to come out, stay cool and don’t do it.

5.    BE NICE

In the end, if your sibling and his significant other are happy in each other’s company, you really can’t do anything about it except support their relationship. If you see that your brother is genuinely grateful to have her, acknowledge this by telling her the next time you meet that you love her for making your brother happy. Only say it if you mean it, though. You may not be able to say it the first time but with time and effort from both of you, eventually you’ll be able to make it work. 

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