Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary on Sunday, October 27. That day, Korina posted their throwback photos showing some of their "best moments."

In revisiting how their love story began, the veteran ABS-CBN broadcaster includes the time when they kept their relationship a secret. Korina captions, "Walang may alam masyado in the beginning. Our secret. Diba, more romantic when no one else knows? Hihihihi, uuuyyyyyy...."

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Korina also recalls the time when the media was hounding Mar, then a senatorial hopeful, about his love life.

In one post, Korina recounts how they met: through work. Her caption reads, "When I met Mar he was a congressman, and then a cabinet secretary. I was a reporter for TV Patrol and ini-interview ko lang siya noon, uuyyyyyy... nagkakatinginan na kami noon pa lang."

Even the way they admitted their relationship was a bit nuanced. They simply attended "the very first Star Magic Ball" together.

How Mar and Korena knew the other was 'The One'

Korina, now a mother two, then recalls the events that led to their engagement.

Korina and Mar often traveled and explored the outdoors together. As the Rated K host puts it, she followed Mar everywhere. She writes, "In five years together, susundan ko siya kahit saan. Kahit sa kailaliman ng dagat. I guess that's when I knew... when we knew. Yeeeheeeeeee....."


They got engaged in 2009 and got married in October that year.

Reflecting on their ten years as husband and wife, Korina says it is "far from perfect" but she "can't imagine it any other way."

Korina, in her 50s, and Mar, in his 60s, are reveling in their status as new parents.

Korina writes about this in her latest Instagram update showing photos of their twins, Pepe and Pilar: "Hah? 10 years na silah? Eh baket ngayon lang kami?"

Korina and Mar became parents (via surrogacy) to Pepe and Pilar on February 12, 2019.

Mar has a son, Paolo, with former partner Maricar Zaldarriaga

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