anne_curtis_womens_health_main.jpgBeing in demand means having a jam-packed schedule and being in one hectic working environment after another—but Anne Curtis has learned to handle all the pressure with fortitude and grace. In the April 2010 issue of Women’s Health, the 25-year-old actress shares, “I don’t know where I get the energy. But I guess once you’re in that mode, you just keep going.” This is precisely why her star seems to be rising higher and higher in Philippine showbiz—the 12 years of tireless work Anne has put into the entertainment industry finally seem to be paying off.


Although she admittedly lives a frenzied life, the girl knows how to put some time away for herself, too. In her idle hours, Anne updates her Twitter account, which she is unabashedly addicted to—and through which she keeps a casual online correspondence with international best-selling author Paulo Coelho. She also practices a yoga fusion class with close pals and supermodels Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heusaff and stocks the online charity store she shares with fellow actress Angel Locsin, called, which donates all its proceeds to the Philippine National Red Cross.

With these pursuits and the constant love and undying support of her family, friends, and fans alike, the busy celeb finds it vital to regularly take time out and count her blessings. “I’m happy with who I am,” Anne tells Women’s Health. “I’m comfortable with myself. I surround myself with honest people. They’re the ones who love me for who I am.”

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Here are a few of Anne’s tips on keeping the stress away—no matter who you are or what you do.


Anne says that you’ve got to set your mind to staying stress-free—otherwise, negative thoughts and emotions will soon get the better of you. Think of why you’re stressed, lay out your options, and then keep a clear mind so that you can carry out any possible solutions constructively. Make a resolution not to dwell on your issues—and stick to it.


Mistakes and accidents happen to everyone in life. You could flub an important presentation, or forget a crucial date, or be exposed to an embarrassing situation—the point is, hardly anything ever goes according to plan, no matter how well you’ve planned things. Anne says that the best way to deal with such situations is to acknowledge your misstep, and then move on. Otherwise, you risk getting stuck in a rut where all you can think about is your fear of failure. Nothing is as bad as it seems—not even an epic fail.



Stressed out? Sit back and relax—it’s common sense! Anne makes it a point to take a month-long break from showbiz every year, during which she travels and rests. While you may not have the same luxury of taking so much time away, adjust the concept to your lifestyle. It might be a matter of finally taking your unused vacation leave, or at the very least, promising yourself that you won’t work on weekends.  Try it—your mind and body definitely deserve it!


anne_curtis_womens_health_mag.jpg(Photos by Paolo Pineda. Read more about Anne in the April 2010 issue of Women’s Health, out now.)

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