Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual recently welcomed Dingdong Dantes into the Dunkin’ Donuts family, and while you're probably wondering how they can endorse sweet desserts (the newest ones being the DD Bars) while still looking great, the answer is pretty simple: living in moderation.


For Derek, who, among the three, has worked with the brand the longest, donuts have always been a favorite snack. “Honestly, I can have five in one sitting… I probably have it—no joke—three, four times a week. You can attest by me always calling if I can have donuts delivered to the set,” he explains. “But with that said, I still live my active lifestyle. I’m very lucky with the discipline that I’ve had through the years. I’m able to burn it off…”

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“At the end of the day it’s really all about balance,” adds Dingdong. “Kung gaano karami ang ibibigay mo rito sa pagkain, you have to balance it out with… the right exercise for you. Iba-iba naman ‘yong mga exercise para sa mga tao, and there is always that something that would fit you.”

Piolo also agrees with the old adage, “Everything in moderation,” and in fact, he’s all about living an active lifestyle doing races all over.

“I have a couple of runs, and some events lined up. It's really a matter of balance, I guess... I'm going to Jakarta...for a run. There's another one in March, and then there's another one in August, and then we also have Star Magic games coming up.”

Derek still has his golf and frisbee. “I've said many times I've retired, but it never seems to happen. I'm always coming back to it, but I have a couple of tournaments lined up in and out of the country for both golf and frisbee… In any sport you need to train. It's about how much training you put in. How much discipline you put in, your nutrition...”


Dingdong’s activity is of a different sort: “'Yong tine-training ko ngayon, 100-meter dash kasi mabilis nang tumakbo si Zia eh...” On a more serious note, he says that he’s looking forward to doing a marathon within the year. “Siguro sometime in September. Matagal ko na siyang gusto. I'm insprired by so many friends who are running.”

More than burning calories, getting fit is all about wanting your body to be able to do things that its actually capable of doing. Think of it this way: if you’re sedentary because you’re too lazy to move, then that’s lost potential. Exercise can actually make you feel better about yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Ready to get moving? Here are a few things you can try if you’re just getting back into the groove of things:


Seriously, walking can do you a lot of good. If you're just going from one block to the next, skip the tricycle and get your feet going. Try 10,000 steps a day every day to feel the burnsee how we did it in this article.



January FN Life Peg Bubbles Paraiso spoke about the merits of yoga, mentioning that more than helping her keep fit, it has also strengthened her mind and heart: "I think what the most important thing is, once you feel good on the inside, then the outside will just mirror that.”


TRY: Beyond Yoga Serendra, BGC


If you’re up for a more intense workout that you can do even when you’re at home, then calisthenics is good for you. They’re basically exercises that uses bodyweight, so there aren’t a lot of equipment involved. There are also gyms that provide group classes in case you’d rather workout with guidance.



TRY: Sparta Calisthenics Academy, Pioneer, Mandaluyong

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