Give him points for making the effort to get you something, but more expensive doesn't necessarily mean more points for him. Something thoughtful or handmade (add extra points if he brings you something that reflects your personality) is the equal of bling if it comes from his heart. Also, always remember that a material gift isn’t a substitute for the way he treats you. If he respects you and takes good care of you, those are better signs that he’s into you than a new car or a branded bag. 


He may say things beautifully, but really listen to what he's saying and don't be carried away by flowery words. The fact that the words come to him easily isn't necessarily an indication of sincerity. So make it a point to listen to what he's saying when you're just hanging out and compare it to when the pressure's on for him to be romantic. Are they the same thing? If so, chances are, he really means them. Being genuine beats poeticism any day (unless, of course, he’s romantic while being sincere). According to eZineArticles.com, another good gauge that he’s a man of his word is if he keeps his promises. All his words don't mean a thing if he doesn’t follow through with actions.


Are you the type of woman who appreciates big public gestures like Robin's speech and actions last Saturday? If you’re not and he still does them, then that may say that he's feeding his own ego and his idea of himself as a manliligaw rather than really appreciating the kind of courtship that you as a girl would want. Public gestures also put you on the spot because they come with a big pressure to say yes or do whatever it is that he wants. After all, saying no would mean you rejected him in front of everyone, and no one wants that on their conscience, especially when you’ll be doing it to someone you love. Saying no usually leads to a breakup because it’s a big blow to your man’s ego—which is a shame if you only meant “not yet.”


Every guy deserves a chance, at least, but if you already know he’s a ladies’ man like Robin, then you should be wary. Also watch out for variations on the bad boy theme, such as the cheater who never gets caught or the sweet-faced guy who treats you well only because he needs something from you—he doesn’t have to be an out-and-out playboy in order to actually be one. And if your man is known for being Mr. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em, then the pressure is on him to live down his reputation and prove through his actions and dedication that he's serious about you and your relationship.


Watch how he is with others: is he always respectful to other people, especially toward women? Does he care about them or is he merely a user? Pay special attention to how he is with the people he's not out to impress—the next time you’re out for dinner at a restaurant, watch closely to see how he treats the waiters, or how he treats the helpers when he's at home. That’s a good indicator of how he is as a person.

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