Bianca_King_article.jpgBianca King has shared her side of the Showbiz Central walkout issue, which has been fueled by rumors since last Sunday, June 13. The young actress allegedly threatened to walk out of the show’s “Don’t Lie To Me” section if host John “Sweet” Lapus asked her any questions regarding Ampalaya Anonymous (a group that she and a few other starlets were once part of), reports.

“I did not threaten them,” Bianca tells “May mga ibang things po kasi na mas magandang hindi na pag-usapan kasi mas maraming madadamay na tao. At saka kapag na-address na siya, ang pangit na paulit-ulit, parang nagiging gasgas yung issue.”

Bianca explains that as standard operating procedure, she was presented with the list of questions that Sweet would ask during her “Don’t Lie To Me” guesting. The last question was: “Bilang miyembro ng Ampalaya Girls, sa palagay mo ba, may nasaktan kayong ibang tao? Don’t lie to me, yes or no?” Although it was reportedly given the go-signal by her manager, Bianca tells that had she known “the way the question was written” in its final form, it would not have been approved.

“It was a miscommunication. Everyone was misinformed. My manager was misinformed, the show was misinformed. I was obviously misinformed,” says the actress. "If these things happen, I just handle it the best way I can. You take it with a grain of salt. You do your job. And you apologize to people you may have hassled. Move on. It's not a big issue," she said.


Many of us are all too aware of the fact that a simple misunderstanding can blow up into a big issue, if not addressed in the proper way. To help you steer clear of any such conflict, here are a few to tips to avoid miscommunication (and the backlash that comes with it).


When expressing your desires, do so in a clear, straightforward manner. State your views unambiguously so that you leave no room for misinterpretation. You might also want to hone your communication skills by taking a public speaking class, as this article suggests, to help you articulate what you have to say as effectively as possible.


Don’t believe your assumptions to be the truth. If you don’t know the answer to a certain matter, or think you do, but not 100 percent, ask questions. Encourage other people to clarify if you do not understand what they are trying to tell you, rather than interpreting their meaning for yourself. Also, follow up on everything, just in case—this will show you who is accountable for what, and where the miscommunication began, if ever.

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This article reasons, “If you don’t voice your needs, you won’t get what you want.” If you disagree with the direction things seem to be taking, speak up. And don’t be scared or hesitant to “rock the boat”—as long as you do so in a calm, courteous manner, voicing your concerns is completely different from inviting confrontation.


Things usually start to go awry when you don’t listen or let your mind wander. Give any conversation your full attention so that you can catch all the important details your companion is trying to share. This article says it is also helpful to repeat back any information you have received to ensure you heard correctly.


Remember, much of communication is non-verbal, so watch your attitude. Even when in disagreement, allow the other party to explain their side and don’t interrupt until they are finished. When expressing your views, be gracious so you don’t come off as a know-it-all. Respect ultimately begets respect, and in the future, people will still want to work with you if you are polite and professional, regardless of any misunderstandings.


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