Bianca_Gonzales_article1.jpgBianca Gonzalez has come a long way since her days as a Pinoy Big Brother housemate—now, the 27-year-old beauty is one of the most visible faces on local TV, hosting PBB spin-off show Über, as well as showbiz programs Cinema News Alert: Weekend Edition and Entertainment Live (with Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez). In the June 2010 issue of Women’s Health, Bianca shares, “There are so many things I love about my job. Everyday is an exciting day!”

All the excitement aside, being in the public eye is hard work. There are the long hours to get used to (Bianca’s workdays usually end close to midnight) and the catty online gossip to fend off (this, the host shares, “can be the worst”). Then, of course, there’s the fact that celebrities have to look their best 24 hours a day, lest an unflattering paparazzi shot hit the tabloids.  But ever the optimist, Bianca takes it all in stride, saying “It’s all part of the job.”

In the meantime, she focuses on keeping herself fit—not just for the cameras, but for her own well-being. And if you’ve seen the lithe, lean figure she sports at all her hosting gigs, you’ll have to agree—the girl’s got a great body! “[Exercise is] really a groove thing,” says Bianca. “You have to push yourself to do it everyday.”

Want to know how Bianca sticks to her own daily fitness regimen? Here are a few tips from the star herself!


“Exercise is different for every person,” shares Bianca, so figure out what kind of regimen fits well with your lifestyle and personality. You might prefer high impact routines like running and boxing, or low impact routines like yoga and Pilates.


There’s no such thing as having no time to exercise. If you make it a priority, you will find the time! Bianca herself wakes up hours before she is scheduled to leave her house (regardless of how early) so that she can fit in a yoga class or jog around her subdivision.


Give yourself incentives for working out—this way, you’ll be inspired to work those buns and make your weight goal. Personally, Bianca motivates herself by “…[thinking] of how great the models of the Victoria Secret fashion show look. I tell my self, ‘Kung kaya nila, kaya ko rin!’”


While a lot of women turn to crash diets and minuscule meals to shed the pounds, Bianca knows that solid, regular meals are important for keeping fit. “You need to eat for energy,” she explains.


Bianca confesses that she isn’t a gym person, so she prefers to take classes with friends. The buddy-system will work to your advantage in two ways: first, you’ll always have a reason to exercise (even if you don’t feel like it), and second, the whole process becomes way more enjoyable with a pal by your side!


womens_health_june_2010.jpgTo read more about Bianca, grab the June 2010 issue of Women’s Health, out now.

(Photos by Marlon Pecjo)
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